These Are the Things We Lost Boys Do!

Hiya, I'm Slighty, noble lost boy and Peter Pan's right-hand guy! So what is this place anyways? Looks like it's full'a grownups..and CLEAN people. Anyways, I guess you wanna know some stuff about me, right? Hahaha, I don't blame you! Well I already told ya my name, but I'll just say it again. Not like it ever gets old or anything. *Smirks* The name's Slightly- Peter Pan kinda kidnapped me a long long time ago and I've been here in Neverland ever since! I don't even know how old I'm supposed to be! Pfft, but whatever, I do whatever I want anyway, I could be a...a hundred years old and I'll STILL fling mud in yer eye! I spend most'a my time with the lost boys and sometimes Tiger Lily, even if she IS a girl. She ain't so bad I guess. Least she don't talk much, like most girls do. Not like those MERMAIDS. *Mocking, girly voice* OH HELLO, PEETAH, MWAH MWAH MWAH- *grimaces* YUCK. Well, Peter and the others are probably wondering where I am, so catch me later! IF YA CAN.
By Cy-san!

By Cy-san!

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